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105W Black 7 Inch with Amber/White Indicator & DRL

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Brand: Pro-Vision

Product Code: LHL-7-105W

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  • Part Number: LHL-7-105W.
  • Type: 7" 105w LED Headlight with multi-function DRL White/Amber All-In-One.
  • LED's: 21x 5W High Intensity OSRAM LED's.
  • BRIGHTNESS: Total 11,000 for both headlights on High Beam. L3000lm/H5500lm per light.
  • BEAM TYPES: Unique Precision Optical Lenses.
  • BEAM ANGLES: High/Low.
  • Application: Direct Replacement for any 7" semi sealed, or sealed beam on Cars, Trucks, and Motorcyles.
  • Size: 7".
  • Warranty: 3yr Limited Warranty.
  • Listings: 1955-1983 Jeep Cj-5, 1976-1986 Jeep Cj-7, 1981-1985 Jeep CJ-8, 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler(TJ), 2007-2014 Jeep Wrangler(JK, 1992-2006 HummerH1, 2003-2009 HummerH2, Harley Davidson motoycycle, Mercesdes Benz G, Land Rover defender, Truck,4x4 off-road vehicle.


Powerful 7" 105w LED Headlights with White DRL and Amber Indicator All-In-One Function!
The latest optical technology and DOT/SAE compliance makes the 105w suitable for any country in the world, as they pass the compliance for beam angles and electrical parameters, and also for other inhibitors you may get from lights that look the same, yet are very different in regards to EMC, Can-Bus, and other required functions to replace standard 7" halogen sealed beam and semi-sealed beam lights.
The integrated amber indicator is built-in to the DRL which gives you the ability to have it flash amber with your indicator, or if you don't want to use it you simply don't hook it up.
The 105w use German made OSRAM LED's to give you the best optical technology and maintain life and performance.
Widely used on Jeeps and other vehicles, the 105w have Excellent Driving Beam Patterns and are suitable for highways or off-road 4x4 applications. They have a high Ingress rating of IP68 for total Water and Dust Proofing and with DOT, SAE,and EMC Certification, and an extended 3yr Warranty, the 105w are genuinely exceptional.

We have rated these lights as AAA+ for high performance, long life, durability, and versatility.

* LED: 21x 5W High Intensity OSRAM LED's.
* Colour Temperature: 6000k.
* Voltage: 10-30V DC suitable for cars, trucks, boats, and machinery.
* Weatherproof: IP68 Water and Dust Tight.
* Luminous Flux:
 Total 11,000 for both headlights on High Beam. L3000lm/H5500lm per light.
* Housing: Aluminium Alloy Housing.
* Beam Type: Unique Precision Optical Lenses.
* Operating Temperature: -40℃~+85℃.
* Operating Life: 50,000 hrs +.
* Rated Working Current: 4A±10% @12V DC, 2A±10% @24V DC.
* Mount: Direct 7 Inch Replacement for sealed beam or semi-sealed beams.
* Net Weight: 1.0kg.
* Connection: H4/H13.
* Warranty: 3yr Limited Warranty.
* Certification: DOT, SAE, EMC.

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